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Category Archives: Digital Signature


In this paper we review a non-exhaustive list of online banking systems used in Belgium in regard of man in the browser attacks. We focus our attention to the signature on each transaction and suggest simple solutions that would prevent and/or detect attacks attempts.

  • Publication information
    • Authors : Jérôme Dossogne, Olivier Markowitch
    • Proceedings of the 31th Symposium on Information Theory in the Benelux (WICSITB2010)
    • Pages 19-26
    • Editors : Jasper Goseling and Jos H. Weber, Delft
    • Werkgemeenschap voor Informatie- en Communicatietheorie, May 11-12, 2010
    • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    • ISBN : 978-90-710-4823-4


In this paper we propose a new designated verifier signature scheme based on the threshold signature scheme presented by Ghodosi and Pieprzyk. The advantages of the new scheme compared with previously proposed solutions are its computational efficiency and its simple and rational design that allows distributed implementations of the computations and suits the needs of both single individuals and organizations wishing to set a threshold on the number of required signers. The signing key size remains bounded by the size of a RSA modulus. Moreover, in addition to the computation of a classical RSA signature, the signature generation of our scheme needs only one modular multiplication; the verification process in our scheme remains the same than a classical RSA signature verification.

  • Publication information
    • Authors : Jérôme Dossogne, Olivier Markowitch
    • Proceedings of the 2009 International conference on security & management (SAM 2009)
    • Volume 1, pages 314-317
    • Editors : Hamid R. Arabnia, Kevin Daimi
    • Associate Editors : Changhoon Lee, Jong Hyuk Park, Ashu M.G. Solo, Patricia A. G. Williams, Andrew Woodward, Liudong Xing, Yan Zhang
    • Worldcomp’09, July 13-16, 2009
    • Las Vegas Nevada, USA
    • Copyright © 2009 CSREA Press
    • ISBN : 1-60132-124-4, 1-60132-125-2 (1-60132-126-0)